The Gift

I am inviting all enthusiastic art Lovers to our Show at AMBIANCE CHOCOLAT, 753-A Queen Street East, Toronto, On , from 1st Sept 2011 to 1st October 2011.

From the organizer’s Note :

( A multi -person Art installation featuring the students and teacher of my first art class.)

”My wife bought me a gift for christmas of a 3 month art class meant to inspire me to paint again. Eschewing a painting class I instead took a modern art history course that both fascinated, fermented and nourished my inner artistic/creative drought.
Consequently, after finishing the course, I was finally able to output again but decided as a gift is essentially a seed and potentially grows shoots, it would be great to share the talents of the people I met in the class. Thus, the idea came to me to have the class contribute to a show with no set theme other than whatever their contribution would be. I thank all the students and our teacher for coming together to make this a memorable occasion.”
~ Philip Hill Sept 1/2011

Artists Featured: from North to South
West Wall
Alexey Dreva: Morning acrylic on board. 2011 (N.F. S.)
Peter Kingstone: Golden Gloves #4 Pastel on Paper 2011.
Asma Sultana: Silent Poetry 1, water based mixed media on paper 2010
Shannon McManus: Circus, acrylic on canvas.
Shannon McManus: Zoo Spirit (Behind Bars) acrylic on canvas

East Wall

Philip Hill: ‘Nebulost’ 2003 Acrylic on canvas

Mo (Muhammed Irfan Aziz ) ‘Trophy Knives’ Trophy Knife 1,2,3,& 4 Plaster on Canvas 2011

Rosalie Lam: By The Pond Graphite & Acrylic on Board,

Philip Hill: A Miscellany of Musical Musing 2011. Printer ink on paper NFS but limited numbered individual prints available


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