About Artist

Asma Sultana is a Bangladeshi born British freelance visual Artist, currently living and working in Canada.  After Bachelor in Drawing and Paintings from Bangladesh, she was trained in London and Toronto in Fine Arts and Art History. As a freelance artist Asma organised many solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in Canada, England, India and Bangladesh. She uses the unique signature of her body to explore the identity in time and place. With the tip of her fingers, using her own hair and footprints, she imprints her emotions to canvas or paper to express the imitable chaos of her inner and outer world.







Artist Statement 


The first lesson of writing alphabets on a black slate board opened the door to a magical world. Rudimentary drawings with chalk gave shape to my imagination and thus implanted the first seed of a dream in me to become an artist. Despite all the difficulties, I have faithfully pursued that dream to establish myself as an artist.


When I was first able to exercise my creativity, my homeland was under an oppressive military rule and the pervasive socio-political intolerance stifled the creativity of many. As my dear homeland later tried to cope with infant democracy I continued to develop my creative voice, expanding my inner circle to incorporate the hope and dreams of others. I then began my journey away from that wasteland, guided only by my inner self.


In my artistic pursuit I am motivated by the nature and culture of my birthplace. Although my experiences are shaped by the country where I was born, the lives and cultures that I have experienced while trekking the globe, has broadened my outlook on humanity. I found the common thread of a story that weaves a colorful tapestry of stories of all our lives. It is an epic I love to paint and draw from. Using the backdrop of nature I explore how we shape our emotions and also how our emotions shape us.


As a painter and drawer I often use a variety of surfaces, supports and media. Mixed media, oil colour, water colour, acrylic and ink are some of the materials I like to use. Most of the time I work with two-dimensional surfaces, however I like to experiment with three-dimensional structure as well. Nevertheless my work continues to evolve towards installation art incorporating techniques of collage and assemblage.


Today I use the unique signature of my body to explore my identity in time and place. With the tip of my fingers, using my hair and footprints, I imprint my emotions to canvas or paper, in circular formations symbolic of life’s metamorphosis. I want to speak of my journey, of living different lives, scarred by broken dreams and false hopes and the imitable chaos of my inner and outer world.


A number of great artists have inspired me, especially those who present their autobiographical experiences in their art work. By merging my dreams, experiences and inspirations, I create a form of visual poetry. It is a meditation that equips me with the tools of self-expression and helps me reach a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment. To draw from the rich narrative of life, within and outside me, I can express myself both literally and abstractly.

 Asma Sultana


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