Identity~ the 4th Solo Art Show At TSA

4th Solo Art Show
at Toronto School of Art
410 Adelaide Street West, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5V 1S7 Canada

My journey to become an artist had begun when I was five. The first lesson of writing alphabets on a black slate had opened the door to a magical world. I started to draw with chalk on black slate. It was like giving shape to my imagination and thus implanted the first seed of a dream in me to become an artist. Despite all the difficulties I have faithfully pursued that dream to establish myself as an artist.

This is my fourth solo exhibition. I have chosen ‘Identity’ as the title of my show. Identity for me is concept, which I am pursuing as an artist both in my inner and outer world. This journey of mine, perhaps towards the infinity. Living a rather different life, scarred by broken dreams and false hopes, I take on this epic journey of self discovery. Using the most unique signature of my body I wanted to explore my identity in time and place. With the tip of my fingers, using my hair and foot prints, I wanted to imprint my emotions in forms resembling infinite circles of lives in the vastness of time and space that are imploding and exploding in our inimitable chaotic selves.

Asma Sultana


6 Replies to “Identity~ the 4th Solo Art Show At TSA”

  1. আবারো বলি। একটা ব্যাপারই চাই, প্রদর্শনীটা ঠিক আপনার মন মতো হোক। যেমনটা আপনি চান।
    যদি নিজে সামনাসামনি দেখতে পারতাম তবে আরো ভালো লাগতো। তারপরও অনেক অনেক খুশি।


  2. আপনিই তো বলেন, কাজ করে যাওয়াটাই আসল। শতভাগ মন মতো হয়ত হবে না। তারপরও…..


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